Hillary Clinton will be a president in the making for more than 40 years

Seeking Democratic nomination for president
Presidential run goes back to the Clinton dating days

For those who read the seemingly interminable Autobiography of

Bill Clinton
Former Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton is instrumental in bringing his wife to the victory line for President of the United States

President Bill Clinton – “Between Hope and History” – you might remember a small passage buried in those 1,100 pages. It is a passage about Yale Law School dining room conversation where the yet-to-be married Clintons committed to eventually both being President of the United States.

We have to suspect there are and have been thousands of politically astute couples over the decades who have made similar commitments.  The most intriguing part is from all appearances it looks as though this couple might pull it off. If Mrs. Clinton does become the 45th POTUS it will be a job more than 40 years in the making.

That speaks to a level of tenaciousness we have not seen in American politics. Of course this country has been served by the father and son duos of John and John Quincy Adams, as well as George and George W. Bush. But those presidencies succeeded each other by a few years, not four-plus decades.

The Clinton conversation offered the rationale of why his presidential run should be first (America would not be ready for a female president until the 21st century). If she becomes the chief occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., it will be nothing short of calculated genius.

Adhering to that commitment might also be glue that bound them together when his not-so-small peccadilloes involving Jennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinski came to light. Mrs. Clinton drew the ire of feminist for not leaving her husband, but now it appears there was a bigger prize than pride-the presidency.

Although Mrs. Clinton has to wait an entire summer and fall to learn if that commitment hatched back in the early 1970s in New Haven, Ct., will become reality,  the prospects look very bright they will both have kept their ends of the bargain.