DePriest Voters Chronicles (DVC) exists to improve awareness, understanding, and participation in the electoral process. It’s our fervent hope that by providing news, analyses and research; we will be able to encourage more Chicagoans to vote. Did you know in the  mayoral election in 2015, more than 1.4 million people here were registered to vote? Are you surprised that only 483,700 actually voted? The totals were equally paltry in the 2019 election.

That means a minority of those able to vote are electing governmental leaders. Given the state of discontent with our elected officials it is critical we try to engage more people. Although we might not see a difference immediately in who is elected, we will be certain most of the people wanted those folks in office. We also are confident that over time greater voter participation among better-informed voters will mean more candidates will seek office.

Oscar DePriest
Chicago’s first Black alderman-Oscar DePriest

DVC focuses on the African-American community because from a civic engagement perspective it has the greatest need. From a governmental perspective, it has the greatest need. We chose to call this publication DVC in honor of Chicago’s first Black alderman. It is likely today’s Black community is facing some of the same challenges Mr. DePriest faced when he was elected in 1929.

Periodically DVC will ask you to participate in surveys and the results will be shared here. We also hope you will give us feedback on the editorials, articles, and columns you see on our site. We also ask that you share this newsletter with friends and family.